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Jan Coates - Speaker/Author

Speaking is my first love, but writing is a close second!

Clip2Cover ImageGo to fullsize imageCover ImageCover ImageToday’s Christian Woman is a resource for surviving and thriving in today’s world.  Practical advice and biblical perspective on facing challenges in your daily life.  Editorials designed to reach women of a variety of ages, ethnicity, stages in life, and demographics.  In every issue there are biblically based articles that are in today’s news or interviews with people that are an inspiration to accomplish much in our everyday lives.  Today's Christian Woman applies a biblical perspective to many of today's controversial issues.  Help for Christian women who want to grow and nourish their families and relationships, and strengthen their bonds with God.  Today's Christian Woman Magazine is a great source of information and inspiration!  <p>Keywords: theology, theological, women, woman, Christian, Christianity, religious, spiritual
In fact, the written word is a cornerstone of my mission to communicate my faith-based messages with people all over the world.
My latest:
My newest book is Attitude-inize and I'm so excited about it! You may purchase Attitude-inize at


Click below to view Attitude-inize book video.


Attitude-inize reveals ten life-changing secrets for getting to the heart of a positive attitude. Each chapter contains interactive, read-now-use-today activities, action-filled stories, bite-sized applications, questions, Scripture, and inspiring wisdom. Attitude-inize provides the insights and truths to equip women with a godly positive attitude from the inside out.

Here’s what others say about Attitude-inize:

"In her book Attitude-inize: 10 Secrets to a Positive You, Jan shows you how to make your attitude one of your most valuable assets—regardless of your past or present.”

Steve Arterburn, Founder and Chairman of New Life Ministries, author of Every Man’s Battle and Reframe Your Life

 “Jan Coates exudes positivity. She not only lives this message, but she is passionate about helping people heal from the inside out. See this book as a gift to yourself—full of words that will inspire, then change you.”

Mary DeMuth, author of Thin Places: A Memoir

"Attitude-inize: 10 Secrets to a Positive You won’t solve world hunger or save the polar bears or prevent meteors from crashing into the earth, but it will change your life—from the inside out."

Kathi Macias, award winning author of more than 30 books, including the popular Extreme Devotion fiction series and BEYOND ME: Living a You-First Life in a Me-First World.

"Jan Coates book, Attitude-inize: 10 Secrets to a Positive You may very likely be the book that changes your life. Through scripture-based guidance and sharing her own stories of life struggles that are beyond comprehension, Jan guides you to positive, long-lasting change. You will discover that wherever you are emotionally—in one of life’s dumpsters—or just getting by—God has greater plans for your life if you are willing to go deeper into His presence and honestly view how your own thought patterns and choices are impacting your life and future. Jan is a woman of substance who cares too much to let people just blame their past for the future. Her questions, exercises, and tips throughout the book will rock your world and leave you with a hunger for Christ and the life He desires for you."

Lisa Copen, author of Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend, Founder of

Set Free Today BookMy book Set Free is used by: The Salvation Army, International Prison Fellowship, Meier Clinics, New Life Ministries, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Christians in Recovery, Christian Survivors, Crosswalk, The Change Companies, churches and many more organizations.

Don’t forget to check out the Set Free Small Group Program.

Steve Arterburn, author of Every Man's Battle, says of Set Free, “If you—or someone you love — experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse as a child, you know something of the brokenness, anger, and helplessness that resulted from it. But there is hope for freedom from your past. Coates includes the complete steps to healing from your past, and illustrates this healing through stories of transformed survivors. Set Free provides hope and healing for those who want to be free.”

Donna Partow, speaker and bestselling author says, “Women who have been Set Free get up out of the back pew and loudly proclaim the great things God has done. You will find new hope and confidence.”


My articles have appeared in:

  • The Boston Globe
  • Hingham Times
  • South Shore Business Journal
  • The Networker
  • South Shore Chamber of Commerce News
  • The Bryan-College Station Eagle
  • INC. magazine
  • Together
  • Women Alive!
  • Faith and Friends
  • The War Cry
  • Christian Women Today
  • Set Free Today e-zine
  • Numerous Christian e-zines.
Have you heard about my Oprah adventure? Click here to read the details about how I discovered my real identity.

Contact: Tamela Hancock Murray, my literary agent, for more information.

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